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We pride ourselves on being an Inclusive School; we support individuals with effective target setting, monitoring and assessment.

We support pupils and families by being proactive in assessing an individual's needs and hope to identify areas of need at the earliest opportunity.

What help can be offered?

When your child has additional needs, with your consent, agreement and support your child will receive additional support from a TA and differentiated work and resources. They will be monitored more closely by the SENCo/ Inclusion Co-ordinator and you may be asked to a review meeting to discuss progress or any other issues which may arise. If necessary, we may ask you if we can refer your child to a Speech Therapist, or some other outside agency. Your consent will be sought if we need any further intervention from outside agencies. Each teacher is supported and advised how to best meet the specific needs of every child and strategies are put in place to support learning.
Teachers and teaching assistants will help your child to work towards their targets, either during lessons or in short periods withdrawn from class. This may be individually or in small groups. Letter recognition, fine motor skills, spelling and word recognition are often taught in additional sessions. We can also support with social skills and behaviour management whilst helping pupils with emotional or self esteem difficulties. All adults in the school are here to help each and every child reach their potential and feel happy and content doing it.

We are encouraged by developing good home school communication and we view the support from home as critical. Help offered at home plays an important part in achieving success.
The welfare and safeguarding of the pupils in the school is paramount. We endeavour  to support the pupil's health both physical and mental, wellbeing and try to support them in becoming happy and active members of the community.
The person responsible for SEN, vulnerable groups and disadvantaged children is Ms Deborah O'Connell. If a member of staff, a pupil, a parent or a member of the community has any concerns about the welfare of any child please contact her directly. Mrs Earl is the deputy in charge of vulnerable groups and Mrs Gee works closely with them- so if Ms O'Connell is not in school please talk to them. Current guidance on the safeguarding of children can be found below.
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On our 'Newport School-keeping in touch' Facebook page, Miss Boyeson did a beautiful Makaton assembly reading this story book. It is valuable for adults and children alike, sharing many wonderful messages and helpful for good well-being in these variable times.

Please share with your little ones.

Statutory documents

 Accessibility plan .pdfDownload
 Equality and Diversity Policy April 2021.pdfDownload
 NPS Strategic Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy Sept 21.pdfDownload
 School Safeguarding Audit 2021.xlsDownload
 SEN report Newport School 2021 .docDownload
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East Yorkshire Parent Carer Forum (EYPCF) is a parent / carer forum through which you are able
to share your views with the local authority about services your son / daughter with special educational
needs and disabilities (SEND) may receive. This forum helps your views be heard to shape services for
the future and can be accessed by telephone: 07813676941, or by email:

Key documents

 SEN and Safeguarding documents
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ICON Information

 ERSCP New Baby Young Child Support.pdfDownload
 ICON Newsletter.pdfDownload
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Useful resources to help support children with dyslexia

 Supporting Dyslexia
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Mental wellbeing

 mental health
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Helping children deal with BIG emotions - 'Standing in the gap'.

Internet safety

 E safety
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Building gross & fine motor skills

 Gross & fine motor skills
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